We would love to dance across our beautiful blue planet for many many more years to come. That's why sustainability is one of our highest priorities. We are passionate about sustainability at every event. From recycling measurements, reusable cups, usage of nature-friendly materials to careful waste management - we care about every aspect. Through innovative concepts, we not only want to entertain, but also make a positive contribution to the environment. With our commitment to sustainability, we want to raise awareness among our guests and send a message to push a sustainable change in the whole event industry.
Vegetarian Menu
Our menu and food offer always consists mainly of vegetarian options, with only organic meat for the remaining part. One of the easiest ways to contribute to less climate change is by eating a vegetarian diet. Did you know, that by skipping meat for 1 day you save an average of 1750 grams of CO2 emission? So by eating completely vegetarian during our events, together we save tons of CO2 emissions.
Recycle Materials
We intend to create as little waste as possible and ask all our partners and guests to do the same. We sort all different materials in separate containers: PET, Glass, Organic, Wood etc. This way, all materials can be recycled in a circular system. Also all our signs and markings that you see at every event, are being used several times each year, so that we produce as little waste as possible. To reduce the production of waste even further, we focus and limit all our advertising activities & efforts to digital channels, social media and our website.
Material flow analysis
A Material flow analysis is a methodology that quantifies the ways in which all the materials are used, reused, and lost. After every event, we collect all the relevant data together with our suppliers regarding transportation, waste, energy and water. The outcome is thoroughly analysed and used to update our sustainability action plan.
We always encourage our guests to travel by public transportation system, which the majority does. We also try to collaborate with the local public transportation, such as SBB and ZVV whenever possible, to work out the best solutions for every event. In addition, parking spaces are rarely available at our locations.